What is the display cooler ?

Display cabinets are some showcase used for display items. The colors has gold, silver white, matte black, magenta, gray and other colors. The display coolers showcase has beautiful appearance, firm structure, easy apart and assembly, and convenient transportation. It is widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores, advertising, etc., and it is widely used for handicrafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, watches, tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics and other industries.
ONRUN Electric Appliance (Huzhou) Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturing for beverage display cooler .we are named as beverage cooler solution expert in this drink refrigeration areas like 8 years ,our drink display cooler has a Variety of design ,we have upright type display showcase and counter top type display cabinets ,our drink showcase can widely use in supermarket ,mini bar ,kitchen ,restore ,shop and some enterprise promotion selling gift.

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Normally display beverage cooler has a wide range of capacity from 20L to 400L for meet cans ,bottles drink store demands,the temperature is from 0C to 10C for keep a cool feeling .
And the shelves can adjust by yourself ,you can put many size mixed ,Increase the use space and capacity of beverages.
With the development of society, this kind of display cabinet does not only used for store and display products as the purpose, and has become a new marketing mode l, which is closely related to human life.
The visual impact brought by shapes, colors, and lights has played a vital role in boosting sales in the beverage industry.like some famous brand,example for Coco Cola, Pepsi ,Evian and others always have their unique design ,color ,led light and pint logo for impress the customer ,catching their eyes for get a good selling .
So now drink display cooler not only products ,but also a symbol of a company .

Post time: Dec-07-2021