How to make your display cooler work well?

1. Pay attention to the different use temperatures of various insulation display cabinets
2. The frozen food cannot be stored in a refrigerator, and the cold food such as beverage cannot be placed in the freezer, so as not to burst with ice.
3. The goods in the insulation display cabinet should be sold as soon as possible, and it is not appropriate to refrigerate.
4, there should be a certain gap between foods to facilitate cold cycle
5. Can’t put food above the cabinet temperature into the display cabinet
6. Different food applications are separated from the basket or separate large vacancy
7. The food in the cabinet must not exceed the load line limit line
8. Do not stack food near the wind and return air
9. When there is no business in the store, you have to cover the night cover.
10. The packaging of food in the cabinet must be good, otherwise it is very easy to stain parts, and even causing faults.
Any display cabinet needs to be as used as much as possible so that he can better serve our lives. Once not cooling, or if there is an abnormal sound, please follow the steps below.
Check if the power connection is normal. Open the door, observe if the light in the box is lit, or test it with a electric pen.
Or fix the screw of this tube loose
1 High voltage output buffer tube in compressor. Causes the high pressure tube without exhaust, the low pressure tube is not inhaled, so the compressor is operated, but it is not refrigerated.
The refrigerant runs out of the compressor although the compressor is operated.
2. Refrigeration system leaks. However, there is no refrigerant in the system to evaporate heat, so the temperature in the refrigerator does not decrease. Refrigerant cannot enter the evaporator to evaporate heat,
3. Blocking in the capillary. The temperature in the refrigerator does not decrease.
II. Exclusion
Replace the buffer tube,
cut the casing. Or keep the screws. Welder, test, and take charge
First check the system leakage site. Add the refrigerant to a quantity, usually the rated temperature is reached in the frost or freezer of the evaporator.

Post time: Dec-07-2021