How to maintain the beverage cooler

In order to make our beverage cabinet play the best role and have a longer service life, we need to do the following steps

1. After the beverage cabinet has been transported for a long time, do not rush to turn it on and use it, but let it sit for about 4 to 5 hours, which can increase the service life of the beverage cabinet.

2 During the handling process of the beverage cabinet, try to maintain a horizontal state, avoid large-angle tilt, especially do not fall and roll.

3 The beverage cabinet should be kept away from heat sources, and the ambient temperature should not be overheated. The data shows that when the ambient temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius, the power consumption is about 2 times that of 25 degrees Celsius, and when it is 30 degrees Celsius, it is 1.8 times that of 25 degrees Celsius.

4 When placing the beverage cabinet, choose a place with good ventilation conditions, and leave enough space for heat dissipation around, so do not place it close to the wall. Many people do not leave enough space for the water and beverage cabinet in order to save the use space of the store. The heat dissipation space will cause various small problems in the beverage cabinet that should not be present.

5 When using the beverage cabinet, try to open the door as little as possible and reduce the opening time, which can reduce the loss of air-conditioning on the one hand, and reduce the frost formation in the cabinet on the other hand.

6 Under normal circumstances, when the frost layer in the beverage cabinet is 5 mm thick, it should be removed, otherwise it will seriously affect the cooling effect, and even make the compressor run hot for a long time and burn out.

7 Correctly use the thermostat. The higher the thermostat gear is, the lower the temperature in the beverage cabinet will be. Also, the temperature difference between the inside and outside will be too large. The desired cooling effect may not be achieved.

8. The items that need to be refrigerated in the beverage cabinet should be neatly arranged, not too full, and the air-conditioning should be unblocked.

9 Regularly clean the dust and dirt in the cabinet to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit.

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Post time: Jan-20-2022