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Customizing And Branding

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Custom-Made & Branded Solutions For Refrigerators (Coolers) And Freezers
In addition to our wide range of regular models of display cooler and freezers, we also has extensive experience in customizing & branding a variety of stunning and functional refrigerators & freezers with unique features, designs, and styles for different applications and needs. Whether you want your fridge equipped with a stunning recessed door handle and other unique-style components and accessories, or print the fridge surface with your own logo or branded graphics to improve your brand awareness or promote your drinks and foods.Nowadays consumers require more and more quality and enjoyable experience of consumption when they are shopping and enjoying their meals

so compare with the refrigeration units with homogeneous features and styles, custom-made glass door fridge and glass door freezer comes with attractive appearance and style are better for retail and catering business to catch the eye of customers to your beverages and food products. displaycoolera Refrigeration will provide you with professional solutions for custom and branded refrigerators and freezers.

Customizable Options For Your Refrigerators (Coolers) & Freezers
we provides you with the custom & branding solutions to make the perfect refrigerators (coolers) & freezers for different commercial applications and requirements. A variety of unique features and styles we can do as below have become excellent products and projects.
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Custom Dimension & Storage Capacity

Custom size and capacity allow you to position your refrigeration units perfectly to your business establishment. And store the exact number of your cans or bottles according to the volume you want to serve.


Optional Cooling Systems

Some models come with a static cooling system as basic configuration, it’s ideal for economical option. But for better performance at air circulation and deforsting, fan-assisted cooling system is available for your alternative option.


Controller And Display Screen Options

We usually have our refrigerators and freezers with a manual controller, which is ideal for an economical alternative. And digital type with temperature screen is also available for your option. All of them are easy and smooth to operate.


Different LED Lighting Options

We make our refrigeration units with different types of bright and stunning LED lighting for your options, all of them illuminate evenly with a wide beam angle that can cover all blind spots, help show off your products at their best to draw customer’s attention.


Solid Door Or Glass Door

The units are customizable with glass doors or solid doors for different purposes. Glass door is perfect for the store or restaurant to display their drinks and foods. A solid door is for concealing the refrigerated contents, it’s better at thermal insulation.


Alternative Of Door Handles

On the basis of our regular models, we can assemble the units with other different components for your alternatives. The regular models come with a surface handle as the standard, and some special types are also available, such as spinning, locked, recessed, etc.


A Variety Of Color Options

There is an extensive range of colors for your options, in addition to white, black, red, and silver as the standard colors, our refrigerators and freezers can come in other custom options according to your idea, which are perfect to provide an unique style.


Custom Graphics For Brand Awareness

In addition to the individual colors, we can build refrigeration units with stunning graphics and logos on the body and lightbox to highlight your brands and styles, help improve your brand awareness and boost sales promotion for your drinks and foods.


Stunning Etching Patterns

The door and side glass can be etched with your logo and design pattern, which can show you a gorgeous lighting effect when it’s illuminated by the LED. With the stunning graphic display, it’s perfect for you to catch the eye of customers.

Custom-Made & Branded Examples

How To Customize Your Refrigerators From US

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Tell Us Your Ideas & Requirements
● Storage items and capacity.
● Applications. (used for bar, convenience store)
● Temperature range: 0~8°C / -25~-18°C.
● Ambient temperature, humidity, and working environment.
● Exterior & interior dimensions. (you can choose models from our categories)
● Optional components. (include handles, door types, glass, locks, LED, finishes, etc.)
● Design patterns. (your logo, graphic of your brand and styles)
(It would be better if you tell us your information as detailed as possible! )

We Provides Price Quote & Free Solutions
Provided that your requirements are detailed enough, our team will take a survey on your requirements and figure out a free custom and branding solution & price quote for your perusal.
● Design drawings & renderings.
● Technical parameters (Including parts and accessories)
● Pricings (Including the cost of molds, samples, and batch orders)
● Delivery time (Including molds, samples, and batch orders)


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Confirm Your Purchase Order
Once you approve our and custom & branding solutions and price quotes, we will issue you the sales contract or proforma invoice for deposit payment and start to customize your samples or batch orders.

Production For Samples
We will start to forward your purchase order and customer requirements to our teams who are in charge of design & production provided that your deposit payment has been received. All these will get into the production phase for samples. After the production has been done, we will offer some information as below:
● Photos taken during the production of your custom refrigerators (coolers) or freezers.
● Photos taken after products have been finished.
● Survey report on quality and testing.

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Once all things above are approved by your side, we will arrange to ship you the custom samples for test. If any features and parts need to be modified or improved, we will alter the design and pricing for your confirmation to resample.
Production For Batch Orders
If all samples are tested and approved by you, we will go forward to production for batch orders. Once the production is totally finished, you’ll be advised of the balance payment, and finally arrange the shipment.

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